Being Privileged,


One of the many books I’ve been trying to read at the moment is We Need To Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. It’s a fantastic book, and every word is important, which is why it’s taking me so long to read it. A few weeks ago I came across this quote in the book about McDonald’s Appie Pies.

“Just because there are lots of them doesn’t mean that it isn’t a privilege to live in a time when you can buy them for 99¢.”

It really got me thinking. So many people having this romanticized nostalgia of the “olden days” where everything was simple. They are convinced that we’ve made “society too difficult for us to cope with” and I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Firstly, I find that the latter quote comes in conjunction with mental illness, something I’ve been struggling with myself. That kind of attitude, in my opinion, is denying humans any intelligence at all. Yes, we were cave men, and if we were a cave man with an ailment – be it physical or mental – we would be dead. An advanced world is giving us the opportunity to have really great lives. Ailments are common with everybody – the human psyche isn’t perfect and neither is the world we live in, that much is true. But isn’t it better to know that due to evolution you’re a privileged human being, and if you choose to, you can work towards a better world for the generations to come.

How lucky am I to fire up my computer and talk face to face with somebody from another country, or step outside my front door and be greeted by someone who has an entirely different culture to me. I can learn from them, speak with them and be educated without having to leave my street. Years ago, you would have to fly to another country but not everyone is blessed with funds to do so. Isn’t it great that we can share those experiences despite our financial standing? I can eat foods from another country in a restaurant down the road from me, and to top it all off, how lucky am I to live in a country where people want to come and build their lives? I am lucky to be a citizen of the United Kingdom. I am privileged and I am happy about it.

I fully understand that this may not be everyone’s opinion but please respect the fact that it is mine.