Top 10 Books I Read in 2015 (4 & 3)


It was so difficult to narrow down ten books which I consider to be the best I’d read this year, but it was even more difficult to narrow down a top five. All of the books I’ve picked are so different, that really they all deserve the top spot.

But let’s continue, at number four, we have The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E Lockhart. 


Fifteen-year-old Frankie Landau-Banks has grown up a lot over the summer. She’s no longer daddy’s little girl – and almost immediately after starting the new semester at her highly prestigious school, she bags goofy-but-gorgeous Matthew Livingston as her boyfriend. They get along great but then Frankie discovers that Matthew is a member of a boys-only secret society that specialise in ‘hilarious’ pranks. Which hardly seems fair… especially when Frankie knows she’s smarter than any of its members. And to prove this, she’s going to teach them a lesson. – from 

Having read The Boyfriend List when I was in college, and the incredibly popular We Were Liars last year, E Lockhart is fast becoming one of my auto-buy authors. (along with the likes of JK Rowling and John Green), and Frankie Landau-Banks did not disappoint. This book was thrilling, exciting and gripping from the get go and really made a stand against gender inequality. Frankie strives to prove that girls are just as good as boys, especially as the story is set in a prestigious private school, filled with dated traditions that provide a backdrop against entitled students who dare not break the mould. Frankie Landau-Banks leapt off the page, and became a firm favourite in my character catalogue.

Then, we have Far From You by Lisa Schroeder, at number three.


Lost and alone…down the rabbit hole. Years have passed since Alice lost her mother to cancer, but time hasn’t quite healed the wound. Alice copes the best she can by writing her music, losing herself in her love for her boyfriend, and distancing herself from her father and his new wife. But when a deadly snowstorm traps Alice with her stepmother and newborn half sister, she’ll face issues she’s been avoiding for too long. As Alice looks to the heavens for guidance, she discovers something wonderful. – from

Another book written in verse has found it’s way into my top ten and into my heart. As a young adult dealing with grief, specifically the loss of a parent, this book struck such a chord with me. Not only was it told via one of my favourite mediums, but the story was conveyed so perfectly and in such a unique way. As I struggle to gel with my own step-family sometimes, Alice was so relatable and I admired her honesty. Once again, this book was unlike anything I’d ever read before and that alone was enough to make it one of my favourite reads of 2015.

Tomorrow, we’ll look at the final of my favourite reads of 2015 and see which book takes the top spot!

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