blue butterfly #29.12


One of my favourite things to do is light candles, especially scented ones. Over the festive period my scent of choice has been Gingerbread, which to me smells just like Christmas.

I’ve had lots of time over the past few weeks to think in-depth about depression and try to come to terms with my diagnosis, and I just wanted to share this metaphor. Depression is like a candle. A well person’s wick is easy to light. It burns brightly and proudly, illuminating the room. As someone’s mental heath declines, their wick burns out, becomes smaller, blacker. It becomes difficult to light and when it does become lit it doesn’t light the room like it did before. Eventually, the candle is unable to be lit altogether.

So my thought was, what happens when a candle is unable to be lit anymore? When the wick is too low to reach, or there is not enough wick to light or because there is no wax left? I’ve never burnt a candle all the way to the bottom, and if I did what would I do with it then. Would I keep it? Would I throw it away?

I guess I’ll have to figure that one out myself. My Gingerbread wick is getting low.

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